7oz PVC Lightweight Eco-Flex Vinyl - Excellent product for billboards, banners, wall murals and large graphics. This lighter weight PVC material has similar strength to that of a heavier weight product. This material is made with black on the back to prevent light penetration.

Polyehtylene 3.8oz Vinyl - Is the most common plastic. This material is excellent for poster size prints and is primarily used for single sheet poster prints. This material is 100% recyclable.


3M 3500c - An adhesive backed material that has a control-tac technology. This allows for the adhesive to applied without damaging the underlying service and also allows for repositioning of the material during installation. This is especially helpful when dealing with larger sheets.

3M IJ180c - A ultra-thin adhesive that can conform easier to contoured surfaces. It has the same control-tac technology as the 3500c product allowing for a more accurate and tight installation. This product can also be used for vehicle graphics.


10oz PVC Black Back Flex Vinyl - A heavy weight black backed PVC flex vinyl that can endure harsher conditions. This is an excellent product for panel-less billboard signs, and certain banner applications.

12oz Matte Finish Smooth Front white/white Vinyl - Our heaviest weight stocked material has a smooth matte finish white/white surface and is ideal for projects that are going to be viewed at closer distances.

Rigid PVC - A Polypropylene based material that can be easily recycled and is primarily used in tri-face outdoor billboard signage. Louvers can be cut to virtually any width to fit the needs of the application.


Mesh 100 - With larger openings this mesh product is suited primarily for larger signs that will be viewed from distances. When paired with steel cable for additional strength it can withstand heavy winds while delivering a vivid clear print.

Mesh Supreme - Tighter woven mesh product is best suited for smaller signage that will be viewed at a closer distance that will have some wind resistance. More durable and long lasting than the mesh100 product and is meant to be used for projects that will have a longer life duration.

Back-lit Flex Vinyl - A semi translucent PVC flex material that can be stretched over a face or installed inside a cabinet with rear illumination. This product can be printed single sided with double ink density to ensure a bright true-to-color graphic when illuminated.

Available Finishing Options:

  • Nylon Reinforced Edges
  • Nickel Plated Grommets
  • Vinyl Pockets
  • Steel Cable
  • Velcro (Hook and Loop)
  • Wind Slits